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BOX High-voltage metallized polypropylene film capacitor CBB81

MOQ :5000 piece

Lead Time :10 Days

Seller Support : Trade Authenticity Guaranteed & Accepting

Payment : L/C,Credit Card,Money Gram,Money Order,Pay Pal,Other

Product details

Supply Ability

  • Supply Ability:15000000 piecesWarranty(Year):5 Year

Product Specifications

  • Brand name:WQC

Product Description


1.Mtliledd proprpie filw cnun

2.Low loss and smal iherent tmpertur rise

3.Negative temperature ofioi of cpacitance

4.Flame retardant epoxy resin powder coating (L94/-0)

Typical Applications

1.Horizontal resonance circuits of large screen monitor and colourTV.

2. Suitable for high pulse and high current loding circuit

3.Suitable for electronic ballast


  1. 金属化聚丙烯膜卷绕结构

  2. 损耗小,内部升温小

  3. 负电容量温度系数

  4. 盒装耐高温,防潮阻湿


  1. 大屏幕显示器及彩电行逆程电路

  2. 适用于高脉冲,大电流电路

  3. 适用于电子整流器

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